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Training interventions that help you achieve & exceed your growth potentials

Why Carthena Advisory?

Our training interventions have shown impressive results, with companies that invest in them experiencing a remarkable 24% increase in revenue, a noteworthy 22% boost in productivity, and a decrease in overall business costs. These outcomes demonstrate the valuable impact of our training interventions on the success of businesses.

Our team is dedicated to delivering high-quality training interventions that align with the specific needs of each client.

Additionally, we take pride in offering several distinct advantages over our industry peers, which include:

Experienced Training Faculty

Our management development training sessions are led by practicing professionals, and our course guides are designed in collaboration with Velsoft Inc. Instead of relying on textbook information, we offer practical and immediately applicable real-world experiences during our training sessions, whether you attend virtually or on-site.

Training Needs Assessment (TNA)

By collaborating with partner organizations and conducting TNAs, our training model facilitates various benefits for our clients as follows:

  • Prioritise training needs that provide the highest business impact
  • Train only employees that require training and with the right approach
  • Achieve a higher return on training investments for these partner organisations
  • Interactive learning with Industry-Based Examples
  • Learning should be fun and we make that happen in both our on-site and virtual classes. We will deploy different teaching techniques and case studies to address diverse learning styles. 

Full Course Resources

As part of our management development training programs, we offer an array of comprehensive resource tools to benefit ALL participants. With each program, participants receive a variety of resources to enhance their learning and further their career development. These resources include student manuals, pre-assignment guides, quick reference guides, practice questions, templates, case studies, and more. Each participant is equipped with these materials to guide them through the program and help them excel.

At Carthena Advisory, we recognize that learning is constantly evolving and that every organization has unique development requirements. As such, we make it a point to conduct a ‘training needs analysis’ session with all of our clients. This session helps us gain a better understanding of the specific requirements of the participants and how our management development training sessions can assist them in achieving their growth and development goals.

We collaborate with renowned training institutions in the UK, USA, UAE, South Africa, and Rwanda to deliver our executive management development programs. Please share your executive-level goals through a message, and we will respond promptly.

We have a wide range of management development training programmes available for our local clients, categorized into four (4) groups as listed below.

Please let us know which training programme(s) and the number of participants you prefer by sending us a message.

Enjoy a 5% discount if you register five (5) or more participants in any of our training programmes.

Some of Our Training Programmes

Need help with your training needs assessment?