Performance Management – Managing Employee Performance

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Training Outline

Performance management plays a vital role in driving individual and organizational success. By implementing effective strategies and practices, organizations can enhance employee performance, align individual goals with organizational objectives, and create a culture of continuous improvement. In this workshop, we explore the key components of performance management and provide valuable insights into strategies that can help organizations optimize performance. From performance evaluations and feedback to goal setting and coaching, these practices contribute to a motivated and high-performing workforce.

Inspiring someone to be their best is no easy task. Just how do you manage for optimum performance? How do you create a motivating environment that encourages people to go beyond their best? This one-day workshop will give you some of those skills. Let’s delve into the world of performance management.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the role of goal setting in performance management.
  • Have tools to help your employees set and achieve goals.
  • Have a three-phase model that will help you prepare employees for peak performance, activate their inner motivation, and evaluate their skills.
  • Have a better knowledge of motivational tools and techniques.

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