We offer transaction advisory capabilities for client partners investing in startups or thinking of business expansion requirements.
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Our transaction advisory services help businesses make informed decisions and provide expert advice on potential transactions and how to assess the financial and strategic risks and opportunities associated with each deal. This can include financial due diligence, assessment of regulatory and legal aspects, analysis of market conditions, and advising on negotiation strategies.

We help our partners via transaction advisory and provide financing options across multiple industries. Our work cuts across various asset classes, industries and currencies to advise, arrange and provide funding across the whole capital structure for client partners involved in startups or business expansion. Our work with partners is split into three (3) phases:

  1. Pre-offering (before approaching investors)
  2. Offering (liaising with investors)
  3. Closing (securing partnership with investors)

Some of our work across the phases include:

  • Defining a funding strategy
  • Reviewing and/or developing a business plan
  • Developing a pitch presentation
  • Finding potential investors
  • Organizing meetings with the selected investors
  • Facilitating a complete due diligence process (financial, legal, operational and commercial performances)
  • Negotiating and closing the funding arrangement

We employ a wide variety of funding sources, although the final option depends on the nature of our partner’s business and their immediate/future growth plans. Key funding sources include loans, equity, commercial papers, angel investors, grants and private institutional finance.

Through our expertise and experience, our transaction advisory services can help clients navigate complex transactions, reduce transaction costs and risks, and ultimately achieve their strategic objectives and maximize value for their business.

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